ComAp at Middle East Electricity 2019

ComAp was at the Middle East Electricity Exhibition (MEE) 2019, and it was great to see so many companies joining ComAp on the path toward a future that is more focused on renewable energy production. I need to highlight our presentation at the MEE 2019 conference on Revolutionising Power Generation. I presented on the topic of ComAp’s hybrid renewable energy microgrid solution with the title Retrofitting Solar PV to Existing Onsite Power Generation Using Diesel Gen-sets. This is in keeping with the theme of MEE this year: using advanced technologies in operations and preventative maintenance to reduce costs to the plant owner/operator.
The need to increase power supply capacity from onsite diesel gen-sets can greatly increase the costs for operations and maintenance, both CAPEX and OPEX. Increasing power generation capacity also increases fuel consumption with the inherent raise in carbon emissions. Conventional diesel gen-set power plants demand a dedicated team of technicians to perform daily preventative maintenance (PM – lube oil service, refuelling, engine maintenance) to the gen-sets in addition to expensive service contracts for the refuelling logistics. On the other hand, by retrofitting solar PV to increase power generation, capacity greatly reduces the costs associated with onsite power plants, and also a reduction in fuel requirements. Hybrid renewable energy power plants lower the costs of ownership and maintenance, this transition to include renewables has the benefit of increase power generation capacity, reduction of running hours for gen-sets, lower fuel consumption, longer periods between PM services and less truck rolls for fuel delivery and fault correction due to operating issues with the diesel engines.
This was one of the highlights for ComAp at the exhibition with customers eager to learn more about our solution and how can they have our assistance to make it possible in their country where there are many existing diesel gen-set power plants and the rising cost of fuel.

Bi-fuel and Renewable solutions
For ComAp, the exhibition also featured a large gen-set fitted with ComAp’s Bi-Fuel solution which attracted many curious customers searching for a cost-effective solution. Another major product capturing the attention of participants at the exhibition was the latest version of WebSupervisor which offered full SCADA possibilities to those involved in independent power production.
Overall, those attending MEE 2019 were able to experience and learn more about the possibilities for the future in the onsite power generation industry by visiting ComAp’s booth and having discussions with our experts. Our team welcomed many representatives from companies in the industry and had their curiosity satisfied with seeing and touching the controller which will make their planned power generation plant a reality. ComAp’s control solution for synchronization of multiple gen-sets, integration renewable energy and the use of various fuels along with diesel to provide a robust and reliable onsite power plant has satisfied both existing and new customers. Now, that is the heart of smart control.
Carlos Reviero
Carlos Reviero

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