ComAp Granted Approval for Protection Units within EWA’s Approved List for Solar PV Equipment

04. 10. 2019

The Electricity Distribution Directorate of the Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) has granted approval to ComAp’s automatic disconnection devices InteliPro, MainsPro and MainsPro Lite as one of the listed ‘essential equipment’ for the implementation of solar photovoltaic in the Kingdom of Bahrain. With ComAp’s external interface protection units available locally, it is now possible for residents of Bahrain to install rooftop solar PV power plants greater than 10 kW and take advantage of the energy from the Sun.

MainsPro, MainsPro Lite, and InteliPro are part of ComAp’s family of mains protection modules that provide the necessary protection functions to meet the requirements of all applications where distributed energy resources (DERs) work in parallel with the mains. These mains protection devices for photovoltaic systems allow the integration of renewables for the delivery of electricity supply to all end-users – whether they are residential, commercial, or industrial. They give the EWA the capability to remotely monitor and control the power supplied to the utility grid from many renewable energy power sources which would be installed as part of Bahrain’s 2030 vision.

ComAp’s protection and control devices for solar PV generating plants eliminates the likelihood of issues which may cause the network to operate outside of EWA’s statutory performance standards. Our remote tripping feature allows EWA to manage solar PV sites by having the capability to disconnect and re-connect individual or multiple installations via a network observation centre,” says Carlos Reviero, ComAp’s Renewables Business Development Manager.

Solar One, local solar PV module manufacturer and EPC company is pleased with EWA’s approval of ComAp external interface protection units and is keen on seeing the implementation of solar PV with the InteliPro which is capable of remote power plant communication and providing a comprehensive set of protective and supplementary functionalities.

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