ComAp's Distributor Summit

ComAp has over 50 distributors around the world, and they are an essential part of ComAp’s success. Each year we meet with our distributors at a ComAp Distributor Summit, to discuss ComAp’s plans for the next year, our product roadmap, and most important of all, gain valuable feedback from our distributors about ComAp. ComAp sees our distributors as partners, so getting their feedback on our plans for the future is incredibly beneficial to our mutual success.

Our latest Distributor Summit was held in ComAp’s Asia Pacific Region last week in Bali, Indonesia. The summit included over 40 people with representatives from sixteen of our Asia Pacific distributors in attendance. Held over two days, the summit featured fifteen presentations about various aspects of ComAp’s business including our product strategy, marketing, training, and ComAp’s future plans. The summit also featured presentations by some of our distributors about successes that they have had using ComAp products in their territories. It was great to see the diverse range of applications that our distributors are capable of, from using ComAp products hybrid solar diesel power farms in rural Myanmar, to using ComAp products in one of the tallest buildings in the world in Malaysia. It’s a great demonstration of both the exciting capabilities of our distributors, but also a great showcase of the flexibility of ComAp’s products.

"ComAp's Distributor Summits are an invaulable opportunity to meet with our team of distributors, not only to discuss everything related to ComAp, but also to get to know them in a social setting to further strengthen our relationship." Nigel Watson, ComAp Asia Pacific Regional Director.


In August we will hold our ComAp Americas Distributor Summit in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It will be great to have see our network of distributors from the north in Canada, right down to Chile in the south - a very diverse range of people, and a diverse range of markets for ComAp products.

As well as our regional summits, we also hold a regular ComAp Distributor Forum in Prague, Czech Republic. The CDF (as it’s known) brings our distributors from all around the world together to meet and discuss ComAp, as well as their own businesses, and make plans together for the future. Our next CDF will be held in May 2020, and we look forward to seeing all our distributors together in Prague, the home of ComAp.
Ben Stimson
Ben Stimson

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