InteliConfig 2.1.0: Configure and Monitor Multiple Controllers at the Same Time

InteliConfig is ComAp’s next generation configuration and monitoring tool which replaced LiteEdit 2015. It provides more features and supports more controller families. ComAp continually works on its products and software to improve the user experience. This new release of InteliConfig 2.1.0 brings new features, some of which have been based on feedback from our customers. 

Faster and Smarter Configuration 

With the release of InteliConfig 2.1.0, now it is possible to connect up to ten controllers at a time and configure them simultaneously. This major upgrade in InteliConfig changes the way controllers can be configured and reduces the amount of time required to configure multiple controllers. 

In this version, the connection window is completely redesigned. Now it is possible to create a site and add controllers to it. There are standard options related to a site like create/delete a site, rename a site, add/remove a controller from a site, copy controller from one site to another and export/import a site. In a site, controllers can be added in many ways. For example, by entering an IP address, AirGate ID, using COM port, copying controller settings from another site or controllers which are detected in a Local Area Network (LAN) or are connected via USB connection. A user can log in and log out to and from multiple controllers at the same time if they all have the same password.  

Another of the interesting features of this new version is the way set points are edited. Previously, to change a set point in more than one controller, each controller needed to be changed individually. But now, using the new MultiWrite option, it is possible to edit set points of multiple controllers at the same time.  

Monitor Multiple Controllers 

Monitoring the values of multiple controllers is possible by selecting the required controllers from the site and the value which needs to be monitored. With this release of InteliConfig, there is also support for the InteliGen 500 controller and Remote Display Programming for Remote Displays.

Easy Password Reset 

Another important feature is the new admin password reset. If you forget your admin password then it is now easier and faster than configuration tools in the industry to have it reset.  

InteliConfig 2.1.0 is a powerful configuration and monitoring tool, and with this latest update, it demonstrates ComAp’s commitment to continuous improvement of its products to benefit our customers.

Find more information about the InteliConfig here or browse our interactive scheme here.
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