Moving Towards Renewables

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Ales Prochazka, ComAp Business Developement Manager recently presented paper at Power-Gen Asia titled: Moving Towards Renewables: How can a smart control system maximize the benefits of a Photovoltaic/Diesel Hybrid System? The paper was selected as one of the three finalists in the annual ‘Best Paper’ competition at Power-Gen Asia. 


Here is the introduction to the text, and there is a link to the full text below.



Throughout the world, and particularly in remote regions there is a very high reliance on diesel power to provide electricity needs for domestic and commercial use. Places that are most dependent on diesel powered generation are also often the places paying the highest prices for their diesel fuel due to the remote location and the relatively small quantities being shipped in.


Consequently, it is understandable that there is a strong move towards adopting renewable energy, not just for environmental reasons but also for the economic benefits that a renewable power generation system can provide. However the capital costs of achieving high levels of renewable energy via solar and or wind are massive and the capital funding is not available for high penetration levels. As the move is made towards 100% renewables the costs rise exponentially due to the needs for greater storage.


There is a solution to this problem using a hybrid system which utilises the existing diesel generators, some of them very new, along with a renewable power generation source, usually solar photovoltaics or wind turbines.


The use of a hybrid system cuts the costs of a renewable power generation system dramatically as there is no need to store energy, (which is the largest cost over time), and the biggest outlay (the diesel generator) is generally already in use. All that is required is the renewable source and a smart control system to control the hybrid diesel/renewable system.


Full Paper Accessible Here.


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