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Red or black? Green!

ComAp's company brand color is red, nevertheless ComAp is often linked to black color, because of its close relationship with the “smoky gen-sets, producing black and smelly exhausts” … well, indeed, ComAp has been supplying control system for diesel gen-sets, allowing remote villages, islands and communities to use electricity, hence contributing to improved quality of life and comfort for 25 years!

Even though we do our best to run the gen-sets as efficiently as possible, high consumption of diesel is often the case and when reliable and stable power supply is taken for granted, owners and operators of those gen-sets are looking for other alternatives on how to lower their carbon footprint, become greener and in the end save some pennies…well, that´s very metaphoric, literally it is tens or even hundreds of thousands dollars every year, depending on the site size. The operation costs do not comprise only the price of fuel (diesel) itself, but also its transport and storage. With the governments tendency towards renewable energy, employment and ubiquitous news about worsened environment and living conditions, no one should be indifferent.

Therefore, the other color you should think of when ComAp's name is mentioned is green! Why? Because ComAp supplies control systems for microgrids! Why? Because we are aware of the world´s changing needs and we keep up the pace with new technologies and trends. On top of that we want to help our customers and partners to fulfill their green targets. This does not mean that we would stop developing control systems for diesel gen-sets. This means that we know how to combine different sources of energy and make the most of it. Our hybrid solution offers highly efficient control systems for microgrids by utilizing the renewable resources to its maximum, while maintaining the reliability and stability thanks to utilization of the diesel gen-sets with stress on eliminating the drawbacks of burning fossil fuel. That's smart control.

It is challenging, no project is the same as the other, but we in ComAp like challenges! The ingenuity of selecting the most appropriate power generation mix to match the load and maintain the reliability - that's what we have done on our last hybrid project on beautiful Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands.

The gen-sets used to be the only source of power on the island, nevertheless wind turbines were recently added to cover partly the resort load and lower the diesel consumption of the rattling gen-sets. Retrofit of the existing gen-set control was an inevitable prerequisite for successful adoption of the wind farms output in order to react instantaneously to prompt wind speed changes. Our solution enables the turbines to stop for safety reasons when high speed wind occurs, which was one of the most important requirements for the owner and operator of the Peter Island Resort’s power supply.

ComAp is going green!

Petra Bicanova Piclova
Petra Bicanova Piclova
Renewable Energy Segment Manager

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