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Inter-controller CAN converter

Communication bridge between ComAp and Deep Sea Controllers
Order code: I-CB/MTU (ICCC FW required)
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The Inter-controller CAN converter (ICCC)
 is a simple tool designed for the cooperation of ComAp paralleling genset controllers with Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) controllers connected in one site.

Acting as a communication bridge, the ICCC supports active and reactive power sharing among all controllers (up to 32) within the site. The dead bus closing feature ensures that controllers communicate over the CAN link to determine which one closes onto the dead bus first, protecting generators from any potential damage.


  • Load and VAr sharing between ComAp paralleling genset controllers and DSE controllers within a site
  • Dead bus closing support
  • Easy installation and commissioning
Supported controllers:
  • IGS-NT family (IG-NT(C) GC, IG-NT(C) BB), InteliGen family (InteliGen 200/500, InteliGen4 200)
  • IS-NT(C) and GSC families
Supported 3rd party controllers:
  • DSE8610 MKII
  • DSE8620 MKII (converted to a DSE 8610 application)


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