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Digital speed governor
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ECON-4 is digital speed governor dedicated for speed control of gas or diesel engines.

ECON-4 guarantees precise and fast speed control in variable load applications (island operation) and precise load control in network parallel operation. ECON-4 can control different types of actuators (linear, bridge, low voltage signal) providing up to 8A continuous signal which makes it a general speed controller for almost every actuator on the market for engines in range up to few MWel. Additionally ECON-4 can be connected with the gen-set control system via CAN line which significantly reduce and simplify the wiring and commissioning work.

Technical description:

• 8-36Vdc power supply range
• 2 types of outputs for actuator control:
o Power output with max current of 8 A continuous – dedicated for direct interface to actuators, Linear w/o position feedback and Bridge actuators supported (GAC, Heinzmann, Woodward)
o Low power outputsL 0-10VDC/0-20mA signal for smart actuators or stepper motor drivers
• Speed control possible in 3 modes – Binary / Analogue / Data
• IP 20
• Operating temperature: -30…+70°C


• Isochronous/droop mode
• Actuator position feedback utilisation
• Different settings for island and network parallel operation to suit the required control parameters
• Start actuator position limitation and maximum actuator position limitation fully adjustable

Suitable for following applications:

• Single speed applications, e.g. 1500 or 1800 RPM
• Network parallel operation, typically CHPs
• Variable load applications in Island operation, e.g. Prime power generation in Oil&Gas industry, etc.


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