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IG-NT/IS-NT On-line StarterKit

Internet Access Simulator for InteliGen NT and InteliSys NT Controllers
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On-line controller - you can test the InteliGen NT or InteliSys NT controller functionality and setting on-line; all you need to do is to download and install IG-NT/IS-NT Installation package and manuals.

How to connect to the controller:
- Start InteliMonitor, click on Open connection icon, select Connect to selected site, select IS-internet site and click on Open connection.
- It is necessary to unlock controller if you want to edit setpoints. Click on the lock icon or press Alt+P to open Login window. Select User as the user name and write 0 as the password. 
- It may happen that somebody else is already connected to the on-line controller (up to 4 users can be connected to the controller at the same time) and signed up for controller setpoints editing. Attempt to login may be followed by error message: Invalid password/New controller 1. Please, try to login later if this message is displayed.

If you have no IS-internet site configured, you can add it.
- In InteliMonitor Connection window choose Connect to selected site mode.
- Click on “+” in Sites section to add new Site. You can change default site name.
- Than click on “+” in Controllers section and add new controller. You can change default controller name.
- Check that selected Type is iGS-NT and Addr is 1. Into field Acc put 0.
- In Connection section choose Internet and put IP address into IB 1 field.
- Now you can open connection.

You can also use Quick-connect to controller mode.
- Use Internet type of connection, fill Internet bridge connection with, Address is 1, Access code is 0.

Please note, that available on-line controller is the InteliSys NT StarterKit controller. It means:
- Mains current simulation is not available in the InteliSys NT StarterKit, therefore power Export/Import simulation is not possible.
- Features and setpoints of the InteliSys NT controller which are not available in the InteliGen NT controller are marked in manual with cyan background. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding controller setting or functions.

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