Start up Synchronisation

Start up Synchronisation, or SUS, is a ComAp feature set that allows for a faster start-up sequence for multiple generators. Using SUS there is no need to synchronize generators in the standard way and wait until all of them are synchronized on the same BUS. The whole system is available at full capacity in 8-10 seconds from the start command – which makes SUS a great solution for emergency backup power, especially in datacenters, hospitals and banking centers, and is ideal for systems using a battery powered UPS. ComAp’s SUS eliminates any blackout time, and the start-up time is the same for sites running 2, 10, or even 30 gen-sets. To avoid delaying availability of the system due to slow-starting generators or other problems, any engines that fail to reach running speed with a specified time are rejected from the scheme and, if able, are left to perform traditional synchronizing after the majority of sets have become available.


Benefit: This enables our customers to get back time in the moments that count, after the blackout. By getting back up power online quicker are customers can restore overall load quicker and with a higher customer satisfaction.

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