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InteliMains 210 BTB

Bus Tie Breaker application for InteliMains 210 controller
Order code: IM3210XXBAA + OT3FIM2BBXX
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  • Highly customizable behavior of breaker control (dead bus, blockation of closing etc.)
  • Synchronization (phase matching/slip synchro) of two control groups separated by InteliMains210- BTB with various settings (which group synchronizes to which etc.)
  • Load shedding control (based on power transferred via BTB)
  • PLC logic included (useful in complex systems – BTB can for example serve as auxiliary PLC for other controllers)
  • Full set of protections for BusL and additional protections for BusR
  • Group Link function

Configurability With PLC programming and a wide range of plug-in and CAN modules
Flexibility New level of flexibility enabling customers to meet any application requirements

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