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InteliMains GSC

Mains supervisory control unit with grid codes and enhanced PLC features
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  • The new InteliMains GSC firmware brings you all the features you know from the InteliMains NT generation and streamlines this into the GSC controller family.
  • Compliant with latest grid code requirements as German‘s VDE-AR-N 4105:2018, VDE-AR-N 4110:2018,  United Kingdom G99, American IEEE 1547:2018 and others. UL Listed hardware available.
  • Enhanced built-in PLC capability (InteliSys version only)
Compatibility notice:
The InteliMains GSC firmware is compatible with the following hardware only:
  • InteliGen GSC - order code IG2GSCXXBAB
  • InteliGen GSC-C - order code IG2GSCCXBAB
  • InteliSys GSC-C - order code IS2GSCCXBAB
  • InteliSys Gas - order code IS2GASXXBAB
Using any of the hardware ensures full compliance with aforementioned grid codes.
If used in the InteliSys GSC-C or InteliSys Gas, the amount of available PLC functional blocks increases.

Other features:
  • Many different power control modes available
    • System Baseload with limited export or minimal import
    • Import/Export power control of gen-set group
    • Temperature of the system by power control
    • Dynamic changes of required system power via analog input
  • Reverse synchronization of the loaded gen-set group to mains
  • Forward synchronization of Mains to gen-set group
  • Coupling of several synchronized mains to a common bus
  • Allows to build complex applications with more mains incomers, bus-tie breakers, load management etc.
  • AMF function, Peak shaving

Possible firmware applications:
  • MCB application (controller is controlling Mains Circuit Breaker and provides import/export to Mains functions and other related features)
  • MGCB application (controller is controlling Mains Circuit Breaker and Master Gen-set Circuit Breaker and provides import/export to Mains functions and other related features)
  • BTB application (controller is controlling Bus Tie Breaker and provides enhanced options for breaker control dependent on various user settings and left and right bus parameters, full support of control groups is included)
  • FDR application (contoller is controlling Load Circuit Breaker and provides wide variety of functions related to load management)

Flexibility Modular construction and PLC functions inside controllers.
Monitoring Easy remote monitoring and management with online tools
Reliability Manufactured in Europe, in compliance with industrial standards

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