The heart of smart control for
Diesel and Gas Engines

You've got an Engine? We've got Control.

Electric Powered? Diesel Powered? Gas Powered? ComAp's innovative range of engine controller technologies are relied upon to provide reliable control and monitoring, in mission critical applications. Whether it is a sprinkler system in a tomato farm or a multi-million-dollar compression site, our range of products are field tested in thousands of installations and listed by UL Class I Division 2 certificate for the hazardous areas.

Application Controller designed for a specific application
User-friendly Easy installation, setup and use
Benefit-Speed Control
Speed Control Simple direct engine speed control

How it works

The controller provides: Start/Stop sequence of the engine and application, engine speed control, reading and writing engine and application values while monitoring protections according to measured analog and binary values. 


Recommended by our customers

'We started to use ComAp products because they are user friendly and easy to modify for our purposes. Most important is that they last well in these very harsh environments.'

Antti Huhta Maintenance manager

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