MultiStage, Air or Gas

MutliStage, Air or Gas Compressed System

Any compressor type can be controlled by our solution. Our high-end controllers with PLC capability could be used for Dynamic, Positive Displacement, Rotary or Reciprocating compression systems. They will guard the compressor as well as the engine, fitting into diesel, gas or dual-fuel engines.

System reliability

Reliable control and protection solution for engine, gear box, and compressor keeps all parts of your system running efficiently.

Integrated solution

From the main control unit to expansion I/O units, to remote displays and relay boards, with load sharing, clutch control and fitted SCADA - our controllers can be customised exactly to your needs.

Reduced installation cost

Integrated hardware and software solution from one single supplier reduce time for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting, this is smart way of saving money.

How does it work?

Certified Solutions

ComAp has invested heavily in obtaining UL listed CID2 certificate for the hazardeous areas. We are also following many standards for fire-pump systems.

Our most advanced Engine Control products

Are you looking for elegent, cost effective, but highly capable and customized solutions?

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