Dewatering, irrigation or booster pumps

Manage dewatering, irrigation or booster pumps with our simple solution

Single stage pumps are controled by InteliDrive IPC, complex systems will be managed by PLC controllers InteliDrive BaseBox or InteliDrive DCU Industrial. As benefit for system integrators and end-users, all engines powered by ComAp system could be monitored in one SCADA system.

Integrated Solution

Engine and pump control units cooperate over one controller to gather all the information about the pump system. That means significantly reduced costs for installation and troubleshooting.

Ease of use

Intuitive colour displays with optimised user interface make our products simple to use.

No environment limits

InteliDrive Basebox has UL listed certification CID2, InteliDrive Mobile has high IP69 protection and InteliDrive DCU Industrial LT is possible to use in low temperature temperatures down to -40°C

How does it work?

Certified Solutions

ComAp has invested heavily in obtaining UL listed CID2 certificate for the hazardeous areas. We are also following many standards for fire-pump systems.

Our most advanced Engine Control products

Are you looking for elegent, cost effective, but highly capable and customized solutions?

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